Wreak Havoc Horror Film Festival

An international festival showcasing horror shorts and feature films.

Wreak Havoc Horror Film Fest's Art Show


In the 2016 festival, we proudly presented a small art gallery of various horror inspired pieces from a talented group of artists. The gallery was located in the glass display case in the foyer of The Crown. Festival Judge, Whitney Collazo, a supremely talented artist in her own right, curated this art show and chose the artists involved. Our art show featured pieces from the following artists:

  • Whitney Collazo, artist and makeup effects artist, Whitney is a North Carolina native with seven years of production experience. Some of Whitney’s film work includes, “The Shunning” and “Dark Awakening.”  Aside from makeup and film, Whitney is dedicated to various art projects and commissions.  With a passion for fantasy and horror, Collazo enjoys capturing those elements with mediums such as graphite, acrylic, and watercolor paintings.

Whitney is on Facebook @WhitneyMCollazo and Instagram @BloodGlitterNMore

  • Chad Hunt started his career in comics inking for AC Comics’ FemForce title, one of the longest running independent comic of all time. Inking over the great Dick Ayers’ pencils was a highlight of his time there. Chad has also done work for many major companies such as Barb Wire for Dark Horse Comics, Freak Force for Image Comics, Outsiders for DC, Nightman and various other projects at Malibu as well. Chad then went on to Marvel where he served as inker on a number of X-men titles such as Generation X, X-Force, X-men, and a multi-issue run on Wolverine inking for Val Semeiks. Chad has also inked for Moonstone comics on titles like Kolchak the Nightstalker and Moonstone Monsters.  Lately, Chad produces artwork for the horror news website, Gruesome Magazine. Where he also writes articles and reviews on the latest horror comics and movies. Chad works in pencil, India ink, Ink wash, watercolors and Copic markets.

Chad is on Facebook: thunderheadjones@facebook.com; Instagram at Chaddy_baby; Email at: thunderheadjones@gmail.com; Twitter: Thunderheadjonz

  • Renee’ Laird Brown is a life-long horror fan and her love for horror lives on today in her artwork. A self taught artist, she likes bringing her horror icons to life through her art. Working in mostly graphite pencil, colored pencils and watercolors; she recreates an eerie world where monsters and things that nightmares are made from roam.

Renee is on Facebook @DeviouscreationsbyRenee

  • Joey Lettieri is a self taught artist from New York. Starting at an early age, his work was inspired by characters in comics. Specializing in pencil drawing, Joey likes to work on portraits from television, movies and music. All artworks are completed with pencil shade 4H- 6B.