Wreak Havoc Horror Film Festival

An international festival showcasing horror shorts and feature films.

2016 Wreak havoc Horror Film Fest


Official selection

Short Films

- Cauchemar Capitonne (Canada) 9:20

- Gingerbread (US) 10:45

- Bill's Landscape and Exorcism Service (Canada) 5:00

- Nasty (UK) 15:09

- Scary Little Fuckers (A Christmas Movie) (US) 23:30

- The Marshalls (UK) 3:15

- Don't Let the Light In (US) 9:05

- Grace (Canada) 9:35

- The Watcher (US) 2:51

- Hada (Spain) 9:00

- I Love You So Much It's Killing Them (Canada) 14:30

- Silently Within Your Shadow (UK) 14:02

- The Tell-Tale Heart Sisters (US) 20:00

- Tetras (France) 5:41

- They Will All Die In Space (Spain) 14:47

- Blurred Vision (US) 7:25

- Lab Rats (UK) 14:59

- Chateau Sauvignon: Terroir (US) 13:10

- Knob Goblins (US) 7:35

Feature Films

- Peelers (Canada) 1:35:00 

-  Coffin Baby (US) 1:35:00

- Getting Schooled (US) 1:23:00








6:00 pm - Opening of Festival

- Dan and Sammie Welcome the Audience

- The trailer for Witching Hour II

- The trailer for Sammie the Comic Book Man

- A brief message from Sammie and Dan about the Wreak Havoc Film Buffs Podcast

- The Wreak Havoc Horror Film Fest teaser


6:15 pm - 7:45 pm - 1st Block of Short Films


Cauchemar Capitonne (Canada) 9:20, Director: Jean-Claude Leblance

When a man brings home a mysterious chair, he is suddenly overcome by fantasies,

both nightmarish and erotic. Getting rid of the chair is only the beginning as it find his

way back into his life. As the horror escalates, he must save his friend from a gruesome

fate. MATURE: This film contains brief nudity.


Gingerbread (US) 10:45, Director: Melanie Comito

Two kids find themselves under the care of a new babysitter, but things aren’t quite what

they seem as they begin to suspect her of practicing witchcraft. Gingerbread is a

segment from the upcoming anthology horror feature, Witching Hour II.


Bill's Landscape and Exorcism Service (Canada) 5:00, Director: Angus Swantee

A trio of bumbling landscapers bite off more than they can handle while fighting a

malicious demon inhabiting a young girl.


Nasty (UK) 15:09, Director: Prano Bailey-Bond

It’s 1982, twelve-year old Doug's father has mysteriously vanished. With his mother

distraught, Doug takes the case into his own hands, leading him to discover his Dad's

secret collection of illicit video nasties.


- Scary Little Fuckers (A Christmas Movie) (US) 23:30, Director: Nathan Suher

It's Christmas eve. An inebriated dad brings home to his adolescent son a gift he hopes

will mend their faltering relationship, a Fookah, a devilish and disgusting creature that in

turn wrecks havoc on their lives.


- The Marshalls (UK) 3:15, Director: Adeena Grubb

The Marshalls seem like they live an idyllic life, but all is not what it seems. Mrs Marshall

is hiding a dark secret in the depths of their home. This short is brought to life with stopmotion



- Don't Let the Light In (US) 9:05, Director: Jaysen P. Buterin

For Sarah, it was just a job that started off like any other babysitting gig. But Sarah

wasn’t the normal babysitter, and Jack wasn’t quite the normal boy that he appeared to

be. He has a secret, a secret that he keeps trying to share, if he could only find someone

to listen to him about the monsters in his room.


Grace (Canada) 9:35, Director: Karen Nielsen

When the world's major cities are destroyed by nuclear bombs, it is crippled and

survivors are left with nothing and no one to help them. Survival is not just about finding

food and shelter but knowing who to trust and align yourself with. Grace has

miraculously been able to survive for over a year with the help of her dog and her wits.

Grace is given the chance of friendship when a weakened man reaches out to her for



The Watcher (US) 2:51, Director: Isaac Rodriguez

A voyeur learns the hard way about the dangers of clowning around.


7:45 pm - 20 minute break

- Meet and Greet with the Filmmakers


8:05 pm - 9:40 pm - Feature Film:

Coffin Baby (US) 1:36:30, Director: Dean C. Jones

A series of strange and horrific murders creating chaos and turmoil in tinsel town. One

particular victim is kidnapped, held captive and subjected to witness the torture and

murder of numerous other victims. It is by her will, strength, and faith that she must

survive the ordeal. This film features intense and graphic depictions of violence and



9:40 pm - 20 minute break

- Meet and Greet with the Filmmakers from the Feature Film


10:00 pm - 11:00 pm - 2nd Block of Short Films


Hada (Spain) 9:00, Director: Tony Morales

Tonight Hada comes to visit Daniel because his last child tooth as fallen out. What

Daniel doesn’t expect is that his worst enemy is the light.


I Love You So Much It's Killing Them (Canada) 14:30, Director: Joel Ashton McCarthy

A pitch-black comedy about a lonely serial killer whose three loves in life are math,

accounting, and killing random people. This all changes when she meets a handsome

colleague and has a new reason to commit her gruesome acts.


Silently Within Your Shadow (UK) 14:02, Director: Scott Lyus

As their relationship grows, Lucette's obsession for ventriloquism and her dummy, Hugo

starts to strain her relationship with Jace. To her, Hugo is more than just a dummy, he’s

her best friend and represents her ambition as an artist, to her, he’s very much real.


The Tell-Tale Heart Sisters (US) 20:00, Director: Christine Parker

A sister's jealousy takes a sinister turn. Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s classic tale and

influenced by Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, you will love this creepy classic tale.


Tetras (France) 5:41, Director: Alex Zeltser

Dan, a veteran who comes back home after an overseas operation, encounters a

stranger in his apartment at night. Could he and the intruder have more in common than

Dan thinks?


11:00 pm - Conclusion of the 1st Night of the Festival





5:00 pm - Opening of the 2nd Day

- Dan and the Cinema Demon Welcome the Audience

- The Festival Preview for Evil Dead Uproot


5:15 pm - 6:40 pm - Feature Film:

Getting Schooled (US) 1:23:00, Director: Chuck Norfolk

In 1983, a group of High School students in a day of detention must run for their lives

when a teacher in a wheel chair turns out to be an ex black ops soldier having a

murderous flashback. This film features a brief scene of sexuality and numerous

depictions of graphic violence. MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY.


6:40 pm - 7:00 pm - 20 minute break


7:00 pm - 3rd Block of Short Films:


They Will All Die In Space (Spain) 14:47, Director: Javier Chillon

The starship Tantalus drifts through space. A member of the crew is prematurely

awakened from his slumber in order to make repairs and save the mission. But as he

soon finds out, things aren’t quite what they seem.


Blurred Vision (US) 7:25, Director: Michael Giannantonio

Copycat killer "ZCD" is busy "dismembering" his latest victim in the style of his idol, the

notorious KM Butcher. ZCD soon finds his "session" interrupted by a surprise visit from

Detective Jones, who delivers some disturbing news about the KM Butcher.


Lab Rats (UK) 14:59, Director: David Wayman

Kat and her eco-warrior friends embark on a mission to expose bio-chemistry company

Ring-Amnion as liars, following a tip-off that they ran an animal testing lab. Despite their

public profile claiming otherwise; it soon becomes clear that Ring-Amnion are willing to

test on more than just animals.


Chateau Sauvignon: Terroir (US) 13:10, Director: David E. Munz-Maire

Chateau Sauvignon: terroir' follows the isolated adolescent son of a storied vintner family

who finds himself torn between obeying his father’s callous restrictions and preventing

his ailing mother from deteriorating further. When a doting woman and her indifferent son

arrive seeking a tasting and tour of the winery, Nicolas sees an opportunity to help care

for his mother, as well as prove his worth to his choleric father.


Knob Goblins (US) 7:35, Director: Christopher G. Moore

As part of his final psychotherapy treatment, a mental patient is allowed to return to the

basement of his deserted childhood home, so he can face his fears involving the death

of his younger brother. Or to put it more bluntly, it's about a demonic creature that bites

your penis off.


8:00 pm - 20 minute break


8:20 pm - 9:55 pm - Feature Film:

Peelers (Canada) 1:35:40, Director: Seve Schelenz

A small town strip club owner must defend her bar, her strippers and her life when violent

infected patrons show up on the final closing night. This film features nudity and adult



10:00 pm - 11:00 pm - Award Ceremony and Closing of Festival

- The Trailer for The Haunting of Four Points

with Amber Dawn Fox and Ryan Daniel Thompson

- Q&A with the filmmakers:

- Festival Awards Ceremony:

 Best NC Made Film

• Gingerbread

• Knob Goblins

• Don't Let The Light In

• The Tell-Tale Heart Sisters

• Coffin Baby

• Best Special Effects

 Blurred Vision

• Cauchemar Capitonne

• Coffin Baby

• They Will All Die In Space

• The Marshalls

• Best Actor

• Tom Long - Getting Schooled

• Will Garrett Davis - Don’t Let The Light In

• Julio Perillan - They Will All Die In Space

• Daniel Arnold - Grace

• Michael Lorz - Chateau Sauvignon

• Best Actress

• Alex Duncan - I Love You So Much It's Killing Them

• Wren Walker - Peelers

• Jena Skodje - Grace

• Sophie Tergeist - Silently Within Your Shadow

• Chauntal Lewis - Coffin Baby

• Best Director

• Joel Ashton McCarthy - I Love You So Much It's Killing Them

• Seve Selenchez - Peelers

• David Maire - Chateau Sauvignon: terroir

• Prano Bailey-Bond - Nasty

• Javier Chilean - They Will All Die In Space

• Best Picture - “The Hank Award”

• I Love You So Much It's Killing Them

• Peelers

• They Will All Die In Space

• Coffin Baby

• Grace


- Conclusion of the second Wreak Havoc Horror Film Festival


This year, we’re proud to present a small art gallery of various horror inspired pieces from a talented group of artists. The gallery is located in the glass display case in the foyer of The Crown. Festival Judge, Whitney Collazo, a supremely talented artist in her own right, curated this art show and chose the artists involved. Our art show will feature pieces from the following artists:

  • Whitney Collazo, artist and makeup effects artist, Whitney is a North Carolina native with seven years of production experience. Some of Whitney’s film work includes, “The Shunning” and “Dark Awakening.” Aside from makeup and film, Whitney is dedicated to various art projects and commissions. With a passion for fantasy and horror, Collazo enjoys capturing those elements with mediums such as graphite, acrylic, and watercolor paintings.

Whitney is on Facebook @WhitneyMCollazo and Instagram @BloodGlitterNMore

  • Chad Hunt started his career in comics inking for AC Comics’ FemForce title, one of the longest running independent comic of all time. Inking over the great Dick Ayers’ pencils was a highlight of his time there. Chad has also done work for many major companies such as Barb Wire for Dark Horse Comics, Freak Force for Image Comics, Outsiders for DC, Nightman and various other projects at Malibu as well. Chad then went on to Marvel where he served as inker on a number of X-men titles such as Generation X, X-Force, X-men, and a multi-issue run on

Wolverine inking for Val Semeiks. Chad has also inked for Moonstone comics on titles like

Kolchak the Nightstalker and Moonstone Monsters.  Lately, Chad produces artwork for the horror news website, Gruesome Magazine. Where he also writes articles and reviews on the latest horror comics and movies. Chad works in pencil, India ink, Ink wash, watercolors and Copic markets.

Chad is on Facebook: thunderheadjones@facebook.com; Instagram at Chaddy_baby; Email at: thunderheadjones@gmail.com; Twitter: Thunderheadjonz

  • Renee’ Laird Brown is a life-long horror fan and her love for horror lives on today in her artwork. A self taught artist, she likes bringing her horror icons to life through her art. Working in mostly graphite pencil, colored pencils and watercolors; she recreates an eerie world where monsters and things that nightmares are made from roam.

Renee is on Facebook @DeviouscreationsbyRenee

  • Joey Lettieri is a self taught artist from New York. Starting at an early age, his work was inspired by characters in comics. Specializing in pencil drawing, Joey likes to work on portraits from television, movies and music. All artworks are completed with pencil shade 4H- 6B.