Wreak Havoc Horror Film Festival

An international festival showcasing horror shorts and feature films.

This is the film that won our prize for the Best Picture in our first film festival on October 10th, 2015!

"Dead Hearts" is about a young mortician who learns that not even death can stand in the way of true love. A whimsical, gothic bedtime story filled with love, loss, taxidermy, Kung Fu, and biker werewolves. Films website - www.DeadHeartsShort.com Film's Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/deadheartsshortfilm/ Writer/Director's website - www.Stephen-W-Martin.com Writer/Director's Email - Stephen@Stephen-w-martin.com Writer/Director's Twitter - @Stephen_W_M Producer's Email - Alexanderglua@gmail.com Producer's Twitter - @AlexGlua Festival Awards

THE FIRST ANNUAL WREAK HAVOC HORROR FILM FESTIVAL was held at the historic Ansonia Theatre in Wadesboro, North Carolina on October 9th and 10th, 2015.   Wadesboro is the small town where the horror classic Evil Dead II was made;  a free exhibition screening of the film was presented at the end of the festival.  From the Official Selection, the short film Dark Hearts took home the "Hank Award," the best picture prize.  Awards were also given to the films, Wonder ValleyMy Favorite Holiday, and Painkiller.


Feature Films:
The Mother Town (UK)
Wonder Valley
Don’t Speak (from Spain)

Short Films:
Dark Corridors
My Favorite Holiday
Harvest (Australia) 
This Neighborhood
RockZtar (Argentina) 
The Case of Evil
Like Father (Canada)
Shhh (Canada) 
Dead Hearts (Canada) 
Paralysis (Indonesia) 
How I Ate Your Mother (UK) 
Zombies 4 Kids (Portugal) 
Last Bus After Midnight (Norway) 
400 Ways to Kill A Vampire
Budget Cuts (Australia) 
Dring of the Dead (France)
After School Special
Leashed (UK) 
Parallel (Mexico) 
Light Games (Italy) 
Shi (Japan) 
The Outer Darkness (UK) 
No Life (Spain) 
The Peripheral
Mr. Dentonn (Spain)

Awards were presented to the following films:

Dead Hearts - Best Picture

Painkiller, Jeremiah Kipp - Best Director

My Favorite Holiday, Nathan Tymoshuk - Best Actor

Wonder Valley, Suziey Block - Best Actress